1995 | Kiev Stingl | Dominique Lowell | Tracklist: incomplete

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Texas Bohemians

[00] Jingle
[02] Oblivians - Ja Ja Ja d
[05] Shiner Hobo Band - Snow Flower Polka d
[07] High Noon - My Heart Cries Yes
[10] The Minus 5 - Winter Goes Awayd


Texas Bohemia (The Texas Bohemian Moravian-German Bands) (compiled by Thomas Meinecke) d
Adolph Hofner - Beautiful America - Waltz (Krasna Amerika) d
Ray Krenek & His Orchestra - Texas Schottische d
The Red Ravens - Stone Heart Waltz d
Fellow Travellers – A Few Good Dubs d
Sister Double Happiness - Red Temple Prayer (Two Headed Dog) (written by Roky Erickson, vocals by Gary Floyd) d
Giant Sand d
Butthole Surfers d
Richard Huelsenbeck - Ready Tape (Hörspielproduktion BR/SR/SWF) d
The Jesus and Mary Chain d


Kiev Stingl - Kainer Maria Cowboy
Druckhaus Galrev, Berlin 1993

Dominique Lowell in Slam Poetry! Heftige Dichtung aus Amerika
Druckhaus Galrev, Berlin 1993


Konzert von Giant Sand in Berlin am letzten Sonntag

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